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Pictura is a photography game where you use you phone as a window to beautiful worlds.

Public Trello board to follow progress and comment on ideas:https://trello.com/b/vKtF7Ehc/snapgame

If you want to have a chat, ping me on Discord: https://discord.gg/8bJP7wE

This game requires a Nexus 6P, Samsung Galaxy S6, iPhone SE, iPhone 5, iPad Mini 2 or better to play smoothly


Pictura is an exploration game where your phone acts as a window to a virtual world. Holding it up as if to take a picture, the player moves "On-Rails" as he takes photos of new worlds finding hidden events, triggers and treasures.


Using a virtual camera as a main gameplay mechanic, the main gameplay loop has the player taking pictures which he can then sell to upgrade his camera and travel to new locations. Each world will be littered with hidden events, triggers, puzzles, simple story elements and easter eggs.


Pictura has a general calm vibe combined with a few adventurous moments. The visual style is driven by photography elements, meaning it is rich in post-effects. Different lenses, filters and camera can help personalize the look and feel of each pic.


Each world has its unique setting, challenges and moments of awe. Following a semi-episodic format, a new world will present its own set of challenges, puzzles, surprises, visual style and minimalist story line.

Latest Build (07/03/2018):

- Added new "Hybrid" control scheme, replacing the two separate "Gyro"-based & Touch-based schemes
- Added Events to Level 2
- Added Level 3
- Added lots of animals and animations everywhere
- Added new upgrades - New Level Select screen
- Various bug fixes

Build (06/09/17):

- New Level 1, added events, triggers, etc
- Many Improvements on tutorial sequence
- Added Player Levels
- Added polish and transitions
- Better Photo value evaluation algorithm


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